New PhotoVoltaic Solar Panels

    EOM have just successfully installed photovoltaic solar panels on a property in Trefeglwys.

    The customers defined the works as “First rated and can not be faulted”.

    Customers Testimonials

    “For many people even getting a PV system quoted is a challenge, an install a long way in the future. This isn’t the case with EOM Ltd, the quote was in my inbox within 48 hrs of the site visit. Which was itself clear and problem free. Our decisions regarding budget were listened to and clearly understood. The quote itself was not only prompt, but was the most comprehensive document of all 3 quotes that we received, clearly stating time-frames for completion and contractual obligations. System spec and of course costings which were the most affordable of all 3 of the quotes.

    Regarding the actual work, the 2 subcontractors working alongside EOM, (Scaffolding and Roofing) were of high quality in their workmanship especially the roofing contractors who are highly experienced in PV array installation.

    Despite the best efforts of coronavirus cases trying to derail our installation, EOM were able to complete it ahead of their contractual obligations. All of our questions prior during and after the installation were promptly addressed. The work itself is first rate and can not be faulted. Personal power generation in the face of the present energy market is now no longer optional. What is still optional is who you choose to do the work. If you like stress, hassle and disappointment look elsewhere.  If like us you prefer an easy life EOM are the company for you. I can not recommend them highly enough to reflect their work fairly. Wholeheartedly and without equivocation I recommend EOM as a PV installer of note.”

    If you are interested in obtaining photovoltaic solar panels, but not sure if your property is correctly situated or whether you would benefit from installing them on your property, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our office team are happy to assist you with your enquiries.

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