What is Photovoltaic?

    The PV in solar panels means photovoltaic, because the panels consist of small photovoltaic cells that are connected together. PV cells are made out of semiconducting material — silicone being the most commonly used. PV cells are usually very small but when combined together to form solar panels and solar arrays, they can be very efficient. When the sun shines over the cells, an electric field is created.

    The stronger the sun, the more electric energy is produced. Nevertheless, the cells do not need direct sunlight to work, and they can still produce electricity on a cloudy day. PV panels are available in various shapes and sizes and can be easily mounted on top of an existing roof.

    EOM’s solar team use a dedicated software programme which gives an accurate indication of performance. We are fully MCS accredited and have dedicated technical staff on hand to deal with all your enquiries and also members of REAL which insures that your investment is safe.



    Solar in the UK

    Solar energy does work in the UK climate. The frequent wind and rain we experience do not fundamentally affect performance as they can actually help to keep dust down and your panels clean.

    High quality modern panels work on light levels rather than actual sunlight so they will still work on cloudy days.

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    Post site survey and design process, you agree to go ahead with your quote, we will discuss with you the process of works, from arranging a start date, to include the date of scaffold erection, dates for installation and duration of works.

    Once the scaffolding has been erected, giving our our installers safe access to your roof,  the install mounts; which the solar panels will be attached to, are fitted and attached to the rafters.

    When the solar panels have been secured to the frame and connected, the inverter is installed and connected to the battery (if chosen) and the grid input. The inverter transforms energy from the solar panels into electricity that your home can use.

    Once your solar panel installation is complete, the whole system is connected to the consumer unit which will sit in your fuse box.

    When your installation is complete, you will receive instructions on how to operate your system along with a detailed pack containing warranty documents, manuals, certificates and the legal documents submitted to the power companies and network operators.

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