New gateway in Brynystwyth


    EOM have just completed a comprehensive installation over four blocks of flats in Aberystwyth fitting over 400 new emergency lights with inbuilt LoRaWan sensors, and a new gateway installed to provide reliable coverage. The Information on compliance, testing schedule, location, history and failure mode relayed back to desktop dashboard for remote monitoring and testing.

    Monitoring Brynystwyth


    The individual responsible for property compliance can be assured that the testing is being undertaken on time, with a fully automated system that records the health of the individual lights in real time and builds up a comprehensive record and history of the property. The dashboard identifies any non-conforming light fittings so that the engineer is despatched and able to fix the problem right first time.

    LoRaWAN sensors


    Sensors are used to collect data about buildings and assets. They measure and detect things like temperature and humidity. They can also undertake tasks such as testing emergency lighting and smoke alarms.

    The sensors transmit the data to the closest LoRaWAN gateway, which then sends the data via the internet to a software platform where it can be viewed on a dashboard on any device, which is demonstrated below.

    EOM is working closely with Safecility, a dynamic company that takes advantage of LoRaWAN technology and seeks to be the provider and installer of wireless emergency light sensors, fire alarms and CO2 sensors, this innovative sensor technology enables statutory obligations to be met by testing emergency lighting through automation.


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