A comprehensive refurbishment of the four flats within the property at Bellvue, Welshpool.

    This will include insulation of attic spaces, internal insulation of external and communal walls using EcoTherm and plasterboard linings throughout. The remaining walls within the flats are to be plaster boarded and dry line finished. All kitchens and bathrooms are to be replaced. The ground floor to have its floor excavated to allow additional insulation and new screed.

    The project will necessitate a comprehensive electrical re-wire of the flats and the removal and replacing of the heating system to facilitate the insulation process. Internal doors within the flats are to be 30 minute fire doors and the entrance doors into each flat should be 60 minute rated. No major work is to be undertaken within the communal areas. All windows are to be replaced with hardwood versions. PV solar panels to be installed.


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