EOM upgrades lighting with LoRaWAN technology

    EOM has recently completed an extensive retro-fit installation in Liverpool for Cobalt Housing, upgrading 40 emergency light fittings with Safecility’s LoRaWAN technology that allows the client to remotely monitor emergencies and any equipment faults via an app or a PC based dashboard and in some cases action an automated response, eg operate a window actuator, check and reset a light fitting.

    EOM is working closely with Safecility a dynamic company that takes advantage of LoRaWAN technology and seeks to be the provider and installer of wireless emergency light sensors, fire alarms and CO2 sensors, this innovative sensor technology enables statutory obligations to be met by testing emergency lighting through automation. Sensors are simply attached to existing emergency lights or sensors where they automate testing and report on the status of the sensor in real time.  Testing reports and alerts of failures are sent to the maintenance co-ordinator to ensure timely action can be taken. This eliminates the need for manual testing, freeing up resources, reducing travelling and saving money.

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