CO2 sensor trial in Llanidloes school to fight Covid

    With the Welsh Gov proposing to install CO2 monitoring into schools as part of their plan to fight Covid infections, EOM were keen to be involved by undertaking trials of CO2 monitoring sensor units within classrooms. General Manager Mike Mills said, “We were very pleased to be able to work with Llanidloes Primary school and their Head Mrs Chennetier, who agreed for us to install two units that monitor the temperature, humidity and importantly the CO2 levels as a free of charge trial”.  The CO2 monitor is battery powered so there is no cabling involved in a simple installation. The units take advantage of LoRaWAN technology that allows the CO2 levels to be monitored remotely via an app on a phone or a designated dashboard on a PC, and there is also a series of traffic lights on the unit that tells the user the level of CO2, temperature and humidity. Mike Mills continued, “We are keen to further expand our trial and are expecting to undertake a similar installation in Newtown High school, but if there is any other Powys based school would like to take advantage of our free offer, we would be very pleased to hear from them”

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